So clearly this blog has become a bit of a mishmash, rather than its original intention which was to evaluate wordpress as a blogging tool compared to blogger (I have to say that wordpress has won out for now (although I would probably use blogger with my kids at school as the ipad blogger app is simpler). 

I think I’ll end up using it mainly as a storage place for blog posts that sing: “Reblog me…reblog me!”. I’ll use my other blogs for their various purposes. 



What is Anzac Day?

Really really cool and appropriate with the anniversary coming up!

Nat Natters

This was written earlier in the year for a local newsletter, reflecting on the value of ANZAC day celebrations in our country. Enjoy.

What do you know about the history of our area, our country, our world? Are you aware of the ways in which those who went before us have shaped what we have and who we are today?

Anzac Day is one of those times where New Zealanders take time as a nation to reflect on our history. While it is always moving to witness our returned servicemen and women leading an annual parade, it is equally touching to see them standing shoulder to shoulder with our children. Anzac Day is an opportunity to share our nations’ history with our tamariki, giving them a chance to learn about the sacrifices that were made, to understand that lives were lost and changed forever to grant them a future.

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Hi, I’m Abbie. I teach at a wonderful rural school in New Zealand. I am currently a junior teacher but have also taught year seven and eight students. I am passionate about education, particularly inquiry, art and the integration of ICT as a means of improving student achievement, resiliency and self-confidence.